Charger vending machine

D-class instructed to eat the rat. I would highly recommend. Unknown- A clear plastic package filled with water, with tiny Manta Ray-like creatures swimming in it. An apparently-empty glass bottle that serves as a powerful Leyden jar.

A can labelled 'Ponari Sweat' in blue and white. Doritos- A bag of Doritos chips, nacho cheese flavor. Upon one piece being fed to a D-Class, the subject immediately clutched his stomach and collapsed onto the floor.


Edible Chess Set - Small edible chess set made from hard candy. Butter cooled off normally. Fed chips to D-Classwhose voice immediately grew deeper and requested this agent join him in extreme sport activities such as surfboarding, mountain climbing, and bungee jumping. Sound Bites — Small cookies shaped like onomatopoeia words.

When subject pressed the button, a bright flash was recorded, and then a small orange mushroom cloud. After emptying the can, the D-class was thoroughly examined.


Inhaling the lavender-scented gas caused the bubble to shrink until it vanished completely and gave an energized and empowered feeling to the subject. Packaging opened to reveal a single large piece of dark dried meat. Very easy to use Sade K. A single "zero yen" coin deposited into change return slot.

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And best of all no empty FuelRods in a landfill. The creatures made "joyous shrieking" sounds when being chewed, and "whee" sounds when being swallowed. A plate of higher quality than the previous bowl, containing what was confirmed to be sliced monkey on a bed of rice. The One star is because the fan cooler for the motor got broken by the capacitor that's inside because it was loosed.

However, as well as providing a host of benefits for our customers, we remain competitive in our pricing and value each and every sale and customer.

Cans of Coca-Cola, with varying Japanese labeling schemes. Filing cabinets, stacks of chairs, paper stocks, books, records, IT equipment, wheelie bins, canteen deliveries Teriyaki Fedora," and the catchphrase "You can have your hat, and eat it too.

X-treme Chips - Yellow bag with no labeling or nutrition facts save for a gigantic red "X" on the front. Analysis indicates that the beverage contained carbon monoxide, rather than carbon dioxide. We are really lucky to be in a business where we have so many satisfied customers. Tests run later revealed mint flavoring and a high nutritional value.

phone charging vending machine

The translation of the subject's outburst is largely nonsensical, and is available on file by request. The machine was left alone for the night and approached again in the morning by another researcher. Contents appeared to be several small, shriveled gray spheres half a centimeter in diameter, apparently freeze-dried.

Dimensional Donuts — A brightly colored box of donuts, labeling in Spanish. The ability to be refueled recharged in any standard wall outlet. Hardtack — A piece of hardtack.

Item also contained intact, expended 9mm JHP rounds, having apparently "healed" the wounds but not removed the bullets. The rounds in the magazine were found to be made of a substance similar to rock candy, though completely functional as normal ammunition.

Unpowered power cord had been accidentally pulled out of wall while cleaning up after previous experiment Item description: Subject unscrews release valve, noting strong smell of bitter almonds before asphyxiating.

Surprisingly, this did not seem to interfere with the balance of the LP or the phonograph machine in any way. Upon opening, package contained reconstituted, de-calcified parrot skeleton in a tangy broth with celery and cilantro and lime.

Object appeared to be safe.


AUG/SEP 2 LIST. FRED’S MODEL WORLD CUSTOMERS ARE THE GREATEST!! I watch too much tv, up to 12 hours a day sometimes, especially in the winter when going outside is the last thing I. offers 1, mobile phone charging vending machine products.

About 76% of these are charger, 6% are vending machines, and 2% are payment kiosks. A wide variety of mobile phone charging vending machine options are available to you, such as electric, solar.

The #1 Phone Charging Stations and Portable Power Battery Pack.

mobile phone charging vending machine

ChargeTech products works with Apple iPhone/iPad and Android. Keep your guests powered at all times! Used by McDonald's, the Hilton, Toyota and more. offers charger vending machine products. About 59% of these are charger, 14% are vending machines, and 9% are power banks.

A wide variety of charger vending machine options are available to you, such as electric, solar, and desktop. FuelRod’s patented vending machines allow customers to buy portable chargers for mobile phones and tablets for just twenty dollars, and exchange used chargers for new ones at no additional cost.

MobileQubes portable cell phone battery packs make charging your device on-the-go easy and convenient.

Charger vending machine
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