The dangers of texting while driving

The Dangers of Texting While Driving

Now remember, as previously mentioned, the average text message can take your eyes off the road long enough to cover a football field; an eye opener. The problem in many cases is that what people say and what they do is totally different.

Rise in auto insurance rates. Cline told Miller, "I'm concerned that there's going to be some serious injuries or deaths before it wakes the right people up. About 13 percent of drivers age 18 to 20 who were involved in car wrecks admitted to texting or talking on their mobile devices at the time of the crash.

When they looked at brain activity, it became apparent why. Even though 74 percent of those polled agree that distracted driving is a top concern, one-third of drivers still reported sending a text message or email while driving at least once in the past 30 days and 42 percent stated that they had read a text or email.

Is it worth risking your freedom.

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The safety of everyone who uses our roadways depends upon safe driving practices and all drivers should act responsibly. But whether you use a handheld phone or a hands free device, researchers and safety specialists agree that the only really safe way to use your phone - whether to call or to text message - is to safely pull off the road, stop and then make your call.

But that can pose serious safety risks if someone decides to check his or her text messages, emails, phone calls, or any other mobile applications while driving. The authors conclude that females are more likely than males to engage in mobile phone use while driving.

We should have little to no tolerance for individuals who text while driving and endanger those of us sharing the roadway with them. Tracking the miles your teen has driven without incident. National state and local organizations are taking steps to improve collection of crash data about driver cell phone use.

Verified Accurate As Of: Email Georgia and Michigan are the latest states to approve a ban on driving-while-texting. The researchers also found that drivers who hold the following beliefs are more likely to use a mobile device while driving: Just as public opinion has made drunken driving socially unacceptable, public opinion could make texting and driving undesirable too.

What most folks fail to realize, however, is that their brains aren't built to handle two tasks at once. Of that annual fee, 40 percent of it goes to cover liability costs. Could bad weather anger drivers and actually make them even worse?.

The Dangers of Distracted Driving alarming number of traffic accidents are linked to driving while distracted, including use of mobile devices while driving, resulting in injury and loss of life.

The most recent national statistics are sobering. Guam ban texting while driving. Study: Majority of Drivers Do Not Believe Texting While Driving is Dangerous.

A study found that women and less experienced drivers were more likely to use cellphones while driving. Learn more about the dangers of texting and driving.

The Dangers of Texting and Driving

It is reported that approximatelydrivers are using their cell phones while driving, at any given moment. Learn more about the dangers of texting and driving.

It is reported that approximatelydrivers are using their cell phones while driving, at any given moment. To address the dangers of texting while driving and to prove what a difference a couple of seconds can make, Car And Driver Magazine conducted simulations in a real vehicle that was being driven.

What Are the Dangers of Using Cell Phones While Driving?

The results are eye-opening and frightening. If you still think texting while driving can be harmless from time to time, just take a look at this.

Texting and Driving Accident Statistics

Texting While Driving: How Dangerous is it? Unprotected text: We.

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Nov 26,  · Texting while driving can make it impossible for a driver to react appropriately to a sudden change in traffic or dangerous road condition. Texting while driving also increases the likelihood of suffering injuries and other damages from preventable accidents.

Jan. 19, — Texting while driving is a significant risk factor for automobile collisions, and cell phone use while driving is especially prevalent among young people. More than half (

The dangers of texting while driving
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